Everything you need to know about outdoor AGVs

Last year we launched the first ever outdoor AGV. What’s so revolutionary about this? And how does Movanis stand out? Read all about it here.

Outdoor AGVs: what’s the big idea?
A lot of logistics happens outdoors, between different buildings. When you look around, you see that in fact, more transport happens outside than inside. But all too often, this transport happens manually. Driving from building A to building B is done in a manual forklift. So the idea of an outdoor AGV started to form. This concept didn’t yet exist among our competitors. So how did we manage to develop one all the same? Because we develop our own software. We were able to select our sensors and algorithms to be able to cope better with outdoor conditions. After all, outdoors, there is rain, fog, ice and bright sunlight.
Countless benefits
Although in practice a manual forklift drives faster than an AGV, you do save on resources. The forklift driver can be used elsewhere. An AGV doesn’t need lunch or coffee breaks. It just needs its battery charged. But apart from that, it’s available 24/7.
Accidents and damage can be reduced. Manual forklifts often cause damage to goods, the factory or the vehicle itself. An outdoor AGV however, sticks to the rules. If it needs to pass through a narrow corridor, or an area where pedestrians may cross, it can be configured to do so.
We have also developed a weather package to ensure the outdoor AGV works reliably under any conditions. This includes mechanical aspects such as sensor covers to avoid raindrops falling on them. The necessary adjustments have been made to the software algorithms too so that the outdoor AGV can differentiate between, for example, rain and a person in the way.

What does the future hold?
We have validated the outdoor AGV with a client, and had very positive findings and feedback. We found that it does what we promised. We plan to sell many more outdoor AGVs now. Movanis will continue to support clients with their growth and automation. Our weather package will also continue to be fine-tuned to become more advanced. Currently, our outdoor AGVs can drive in the rain, but we want to make them resistant to harsher weather conditions.Want to know about the future of outdoor AGVs? Watch our film.

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