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Crane Controls

Movanis delivers control systems for overhead travelling cranes, gantry cranes and warehouse cranes.  Movanis takes care of system engineering, delivery and commissioning of all drives and transmissions, PLC and operator interface software development.

Different functional modules are available, depending on the application of the crane.

  • control module: basic module for manual control, status and diagnostics
  • anti-sway module: EasySway sway control software
  • positioning module: module for automatic positioning
  • anti-crab module: system for straight-run of the crane
  • warehouse module: module for automatic warehousing
  • teleservice module: module enabling remote assistance and diagnostics

Movanis crane controls offer many advantages :

  • no load sway thanks to EasySway sway control system
  • increased efficiency through shorter cycle times
  • lower maintenance costs
  • increased safety
  • less product damage
  • automatic operation
  • flexible, modular system

Movanis crane control systems offer powerfull solutions for crane automation, sway control and anti-crab control.  We transform you standard crane into a fast, safe and reliable automatic crane.


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