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AGV Types

Apollo is a laser guided fork-lift truck with a versatile scope of applications. Apollo fork-lifts are the perfect solution for automatic transport in warehouses and on production floors. Apollo carries pallets, containers and crates up to 1400 kgs, from floor level up to 2.9 meters. Maximum speed is 1.8 m/s. Manual operation of the Apollo always remains possible. Typical applications for the Apollo are:




>>  transport between warehouses

>>  transport from warehouse to production area and vice versa

>>  end-of-line transport from paletisers and wrapping machines



The Taurus stacker has a lift capacity of 1900 Kgs. This AGV has automatic fork adjustment, with integrated side shift. Taurus is the ideal solution for the transport of wide loads.



>>  transport of wide loads

>>  transport of loads with varying width

The Atlas is a compact, counterbalanced forklift truck which can lift up to 1500 kgs. Automatic fork adjustment and sideshift are available as an option for the Atlas truck.



 >>  counterbalanced solution

 >>  automatic stacking



The Titan is counterbalanced forklift truck which can lift up to 5000 kgs. This AGV is based on the versatile Still RX-60 forklift truck. 



 >>  counterbalanced solution

 >>  large lift capacity



The Carrier is a powerful AGV. It has a lift capacity of 2500 kgs. Movanis Carrier is a 4-way reach truck, and is very suitable for transporting very long loads.



  >>  transport of very long loads

  >>  counterbalanced solution

  >>  transport of heavy loads



Sigma AGV is a tow tractor which pulls one or more tugger trains, and is available for indoor and outdoor use. Indoor navigation is by laser guidance, and once outdoors the vehicle switches to GPS navigation. Loading and unloading on the tugger trains is automatic. Sigma AGV are typically used for the following transport tasks:



 >>  transport of goods between warehouses on large sites

 >>  closed loop transport between production stations

 >>  outdoor solutions



Transit is a unit load or shuttle AGV which is used for automatic transport of very heavy loads up to 10 000 kgs. Multiple loads can be transported at once. A Transit shuttle can be loaded from a conveyor, hoist platform or EOT. Applications for the Transit AGV's are:


>>  end-of-line transport from roller conveyors

>>  transport of goods between assembly stations

>>  automatic transport of heavy loads



Alfa racking trucks are used for automatic transport of pallets in the narrow aisles of high-bay warehouses. Loads up to 1350 kgs can be lifted up to 8 meters.



>>  lift height up to 8 meters

>>  transport loads in high-bay warehouses

>>  counterbalanced solution

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