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Upgrade Taurus AGV

The Taurus AGV is an automated version of the Still EGV-8 (lift capacity: 1900 Kg) , and has as advantage to be equipped with an automatic fork adjustment and side-shift system which assures optimal positioning and safe transport of goods.

Recently Still introduced a new model EXV-SF16. Movanis has transformed this model to a updated and improved version of the Taurus AGV type.

The latest version is in addition to its traditional trademarks equipped with a Mobile Battery Charger System (In 48V/ Out 24V) which continuously charges the original lead-acid batteries. The key advantage is that the Lithium-Ion battery which is part of the MBC system only requires a charging time of 12 minutes to provide an autonomy of approximately three hours. As a result, is the capacity of the Taurus fork lift drastically increased. The MBC is an optional system.

The Taurus AGV (Still EXV-SF16) is employable and ideal for the transport of wide loads or loads with varying width.

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