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Lithium-Ion battery system increases capacity AGV

For more than four years, a Flemish original equipment manufacturer has been relying on a Movanis AGV system to transport pallets between automated warehouse systems and assemblage lines.

Originally four AGVs with average recharge times of 8hrs guaranteed a constant (24/7) participation in the production process.

The upgrade of the AGV with the by Movanis developed lithium-ion MBC units caused a significant reduction of required recharge times. Vehicles can get an operating time of over 2 hours with a battery charging time of only 10 minutes. Consequently, only two AGVs are presently needed to conduct the foreseen transport tasks between different warehouses and assemblages lines. The two other AGVs are employed elsewhere within the company to conduct automated transport.

The MBC units from Movanis have increased the transport capacity of the existing AGV system with 60%.

Movanis MBC units are composed of SCiB Li-ion cells from Toshiba. This rechargeable battery package provide a high-performance, long-life and safe alternative to lead-acid battery systems. The applications are extensive, from electrical vehicles to energy storage with a electricity grid connection.


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