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Delivery Atlas AGV to frozen food company

A Flemish frozen food company has recently started to use the Atlas AGV to conduct the automated transport of stacked vegetable crates (three heigh) between two automatic conveyor belts.

The Atlas AGV is able to fulfill the 12 to 15 imposed transport tasks each hour, during which the AGV is able  to obtain a maximum speed of 2.5 m/s. This is comparable with a manual transport service. The Atlas AGV does not only navigate over a distance of 80 m, but also ensures the delivery of goods at a narrow unloading zone. Furthermore is the Atlas AGV equipped with an automatic fork adjustment and side-shift system which reduces positioning times and ensures a stable and safe loading of goods.

The Atlas AGV is equipped with the Movanis EasyPilot software which optimizes the transport between loading and unloading stations, opportunity charging of the AGV and temporary storage of crates. Hence the AGV assures a smooth delivery (24/7) of the processed crates, and has drastically reduced the likelihood of delays at the loading zone.

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