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Sigma AGV Indoor and Outdoor equipped with LBS system

The Sigma AGV of Movanis is a tugger, and developed to conduct both indoor (using laser navigation) and outdoor (using GPS navigation) activities.

The Movanis team has developed a version where the heavy lead-acid battery (400 kg + technical specifications) is replaced by a much lighter lithium ion battery (In 48V/ Out 24V; 125 kg). The LBS has been built-in at the opened up space previously occupied by the lead-acid battery. The efficiency of the Sigma AGV is enhanced through shorter charging times, higher energy efficiency and a longer life cycle. The built-in LBS system is an option for Sigma AGV systems.

The Sigma AGV is employable and ideal for the transport of goods between warehouses and assemblages lines. Because the Sigma AGV can easily switch between laser and GPS navigation it is suitable to transport goods between different buildings located far from each other and at different ends of the company site.

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