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Atlas AGV frozen food company equipped with a MBC system

A Flemish frozen food company use the Atlas AGV (RX50-16) to conduct the automatic transport of stacked vegetable crates (three heigh) between two automatic conveyor belts. Laser navigation ensures safe transport, and image recognition technology allows accurate positioning in the loading zone.

Movanis aims to continuously improve the installed AGV system as part of their customer service. Up to now, the Atlas AGV was equipped with the standard lead-acid batteries. As a result, a charging time of about 8 hours ensured a participation in the production process of approximately 12 hours. To reduce charging times, we recently upgraded the Atlas AGV with a Mobile Battery Charger System (MBC In: 96/Uit: 24).

The upgrade resulted in an increased transport capacity of 80%, and the AGV to be permanently operational (24/7). Since the upgrade, the Atlas AGV participates in the day and night shift at our customer. Movanis always tries to improve the quality and efficiency of their products and solutions.

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