McBride: making moves with Movanis

Our smart driverless systems offer reliable and flexible solutions for automated warehouse transport. But instead of going into great detail about the ins and outs of these systems, why don’t we let the companies who use them talk about their experience first-hand? Here, we put the spotlight on McBride, the leading European manufacturer and supplier of private-label and contract-manufactured products for the domestic household and professional cleaning/hygiene markets. We spoke to OpEx facilitator, Geert Devarrewaere.

Everything you need to know about outdoor AGVs

Last year we launched the first ever outdoor AGV. What’s so revolutionary about this? And how does Movanis stand out? Read all about it here.

Flanders Make selects the AGV system from Movanis

Flanders Make is the research center for the manufacturing industry. They develop technological solutions for and together with companies that help them to be more competitive. For example, they do research into autonomous mobile systems for various applications, such as the agricultural, logistics and assembly sector. They apply knowledge from the automotive industry and have various test platforms such as self-driving cars, an agricultural vehicle with autonomous work functions, robots and drones.

Mobile Battery Charger now also available for manual forklift truck.

The latest breakthrough achieved by the Movanis Team has been featured in Belgians most renown economic newspaper: De Tijd (4/04/2017, Belgian patent recharges electric forklift trucks super fast). Movanis now also offers a version of the MBC for standard forklifts and tuggers. According to the manager of Movanis the charging system is: “Faster than Tesla”.

Atlas AGV frozen food company equipped with a MBC system

A Flemish frozen food company use the Atlas AGV (RX50-16) to conduct the automatic transport of stacked vegetable crates (three heigh) between two automatic conveyor belts. Laser navigation ensures safe transport, and image recognition technology allows accurate positioning in the loading zone.

Sigma AGV Indoor and Outdoor equipped with LBS system

The Sigma AGV of Movanis is a tugger, and developed to conduct both indoor (using laser navigation) and outdoor (using GPS navigation) activities.

About Movanis

Movanis focuses on the development and sales of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) systems, crane controls and lithium-ion battery systems.  Our smart driverless systems offer reliable, efficient and flexible solutions for your automated warehouse transport.

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